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Occurred to me last night that I forgot to actually post this thing on my own LJ versus the comm. So, uh, here! Second chapter currently about 1/3 of the way through, I think.

Title: Red Sky At Night (part 1 of three or four)
Fandom: Captain Britain and MI-13
Rating: R or thereabouts
Disclaimers and Notes: (1) Marvel's, not mine -- all characters, and especially the lines quoted from CB&MI13 #9. And oh thank you Marvel for Paul Cornell. (2) I am making relatively little attempt to catch up on current canon; Captain Britain and MI-13 for the win, and I picked up the "Unstoppable" arc of Joss Whedon's Astonishing, but otherwise, continuity errors are likely to be rife. (3) Thanks to [ profile] evilbeej for a very quick beta; anything that still doesn't make sense is totally my fault, not hers.

Summary: Pete Wisdom's always been given to bad dreams; tonight's no exception, and an unwelcome visit from an old acquaintance doesn't look to make things much better.

"You did *ask* for a second boon." )
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Okay. So last year I did a request-fic a day -- on average, because my timeliness is not so hot -- for the month of December. This year, not only do I still have requests outstanding from the tarotfic business, but the tarotfic business suggested strongly that some of you are more sadistic about your requests than I'm up to writing for in the timecrunch I've got this year -- and for once, I'm not talking about [ profile] slimsummers, either!

So this year let's see if I can pull off one a day on my own pick for a character to mess with. Who is perhaps predictable.

Thirty-One Decembers

December 1: Genosha.
December 2: Chicago.
December 3: Xi'an.
December 4: Hisako.
December 5: Piotr.
December 6: Rachel.
December 7: Bobby.
December 8: Messages.
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Requested by: (requested off LJ)
Fandom: C.J. Cherryh's Cyteen
Spoilers: Large chunks of the plot.
Lyric from: Elliott Smith, "Everything Reminds Me Of Her" -- And I've gotta hear the same sermon all the time now from you people

And I've gotta hear the same sermon all the time now from you people )
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Requested by: [ profile] bentarc
Fandom: Chronicles of Amber (Caine, Bleys)
Spoilers: Through The Courts of Chaos.
Lyric from: Seanan McGuire, "Modern Mystic"

Deal the cards and trade the glances; roll the dice and take your chances )
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Rokk Krinn says "I want a story with airplanes in it."
Rokk Krinn says "Airplanes and a ferret pooka."

Fortunately for my sanity, Rokk did not request a long or good story.

Unseelie childlings: a self-neutralizing threat. )
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It appears that April 27th is, in the U.S., Tell A Story Day.


Stephanie Brown solicits suggestions for something to write, cheerfully.
Batgirl 's ideas are always strikingly similar and related to this game, so. ^^;

Since she was the first one to respond, in her honor: what Steph's daughter, now five years old and coming up on six, is doing somewhere in the Gotham environs...

e m a L e e )
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Title: Every Damn Year
Fandom: Marvel (Pete Wisdom)
Rating: Cynical
Wordcount: 100

No, really, Pete Wisdom HATES Christmas. )

December 7's fandom lives in my head and occasionally insists on interjecting in these things, sorry.


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